Who is Kalen Doleman?

Kalen Doleman is an American author, speaker, and former radio host of The Mental Liberation Radio Show. His writing revolves around the seven pillars of wisdom and true mental liberation. He is the author of "Becoming Your Own Key" and "Super Sayings to Essential Power." After Speaking in Nigeria in 2019 he donated 1000 books to children schools. His new title "Super Sayings to a Peaceful Life" is now available!

In his travels Kalen has been able to work with all types of people from many nations. He's worked with filmmakers, teachers, writers, politicians, kings and everyday people. His only aim is to work with quality people who do not promote the vices of ignorance, degeneracy, and immorality.


Traveling all over the world has given Kalen a unique perspective on life, one that is seen in his writing. Though he has published on his own Kalen has worked with a plethora of writers such as Kalen Dion author of Bone Deep, Michael Neff, head of the New York Algonkin writers conference , Link Green the KryptoKhemist, Barry Smith, Tasha Cooney, and many others. Kalen refuses to work with forces who oppose human freedom in order to trap people in a Matrix.

Kalen Doleman's highly anticipated book "Super Sayings to Essential Power" will be released soon!


After traveling to many places all over the world Kalen decided to record some his adventures in a travel blog while also giving tips and knowledge on all things related to travel.

New Travel Blog Coming Soon!


As an actor and producer Kalen has worked with many people in the international film world. He has worked with directors such as Massimiliano Trevis, Michael Chineme Ike, Joe McGee, Benneth Nawanko, as well as many entertainers. Though he works with many people Kalen does not work with those whose work promotes the weakening of the human spirit through spreading ignorance and degeneracy.

KD Crypto

Kalen first got into crypto back in 2017 and since then he's had substantial success. So far he's earned up to 400,000% in his investments. Something only possible in crypto. Now he offers cryptocurrency education for people at all levels of their crypto journey.

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